The End.


The scene is a pretty memorable one, if you’ve seen Forrest Gump, of course.  Its the scene where a long bearded, rather odd man has been runnin, and runnin, and runnin and suddenly he stops . . . and turns around.  His narration says “I had run for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours.” He turns around and says, “I’m pretty tired. . . I think I’ll go home now.”  And as unpredictable as his start, Forrests’ 3 year, 2 month, 14 day and 16 hour jog comes to an abrupt halt.

I’ve been writing here on this blog for one year, six months, and 15 days.  With this post I will have made exactly 321 installments into the abyss of the blog realm, and pulled 440 comments from you the readers.  And though its a small number by most “bloggers” standards my blog has been “viewed”  a little over 27,000 times.

I absolutely love writing.  Its cathartic for me.  And this blog has been a small outlet for the swarms of thoughts fluttering around in my head.  I’ve posted everything from family videos, to deep spiritual thoughts, book reviews and gobs of other banter.  Everything I’ve posted, I’ve submitted to you the random reader with the hope that it would someday provoke you to think, brighten your day, or nudge you just a little closer to God.

Over the last few weeks, my posts have been a bit more sparse, and . . . . while it may seem a little abrubt . . . I felt like today was the day in which I would write my final post, on this blog at least.  So thanks for being part of this little journey.  Thanks for your comments and encouraging words to keep writing.  I’ll keep the site open so you can scroll through and see some of the stuff I’ve written.  And when the day rolls back around to open up a new chapter, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for reading.

The End


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