The Shack (2)

Well I got some pretty favorable comments about The Shack yeserday.  No real surprises there.  My opinions are certainly not earth shattering, but for the record here’s my take on this #1 NY Times Best Seller for 36 weeks running:

The Negative

I really only have one negative about this book, and it was actually stated in one of the comments from yesterday.  I think its a very tricky thing, and maybe even a dangerous thing to write or speak on behalf of God.  I would say a fair 75% of this book is written as a conversation between God and a human being.  Now many people who read it will understand that this book is fictional, and Young’s attempt to speak on behalf of God is to further convey His character which is clearly presented in Scripture, but might be missed by the average person.  I respect that.  Still, knowing that this book has made its way into the hands of millions of people who do not have a Scriptural basis, or perspective from which they can read this book, is concerning.  Many people who’ve never opened a Bible, have or will open this book, and may likely walk away from it with a perspective of God that is watered down.  I don’t want to venture into a deep discussion about the character of God as presented by the Shack.  Suffice it to say, I’m a little uneasy with the author’s attempt to speak on behalf of God in this book.

The Positive

I appreciate the picture that Young presents of God’s love for us as humans.  I must admit that the picture of a God who loves me unconditionally, who isn’t angered, frustrated, or put off by my failures but even uses my failures as part of His overall plan for my life, that picture comforts me.  Reading this book has influenced how I talk to God in times of prayer and meditation.  I notice I’m loosing a lot of the prayer phrases.  You probably know the ones I’m talking about, the ones you’ve heard used in prayer all your  life, and you use them, because they are good fillers, and they sound spiritual.  Instead I find myself wanting to simply talk to God like I would talk with you.  Still preserving reverence, but abandoning ritualistic cliches.   Young has artistically painted a picture of a God who truly desires relationship with us, a pure, real, un-fabricated, even raw at times, type of relationship with me.  And to Mr Young I say thank you.

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