I, like most guys, want people to think that I’m tough, unbreakable, invincible, and fully capable of maintaining my composure in all circumstances.  But no matter how bad I want people to think that, unfortunately I know the truth.

I hate pain.  I have a low tolerance for pain.  And if you mix pain and blood together, well I’m down for the count.

Sunday evening I was unloading our van from a roadtrip.  The van was almost empty and I had leaned over one of the  back seats, which we had laid flat for the trip.  I was picking a few odds and ends up to take inside, and in an effort to multi task, reached below the seat to pull the release lever so I could raise the seat back in its upright position.  Nobody told me that the lever was spring loaded and the seat flew straight up and busted me square in the chin.  I gotta tell you that it hurt pretty bad.  Anyway. . . I walked into our garage and looked at my hand that I had used to immediately cover my mouth, and when I pulled it away it was covered in blood.

That was it.  The pain. . the blood. . . and soon everthing started fading away.  Luckily I made it inside and put my head between my legs.  After about 30 minutes trying to get the bleeding to stop, and the care and concern of all of my nurses at my house, I was finally back to normal.  (I think I really started feeling better when Josie brought brown bear (her inseperable stuffed animal friend) and said here Daddy you can hold brown bear.)

Today i have a puffy lip and a cut on my chin, and a lot less pride than I had yesterday.

How well do you handle blood/pain?  What makes you feel “woozy” worse than anything else?


2 Responses to “pain.”

  1. November 5, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    I can actually deal with bloody stuff better than barfy stuff… as long as it isn’t some big ol’ nasty surgery thing. But seeing some one else puke makes me want to join them!

    Gross… and I just had lunch….. eewwwwww.

  2. 2 Kate Wilson
    November 12, 2008 at 5:15 am

    I think you know how I deal with blood from all my ER stories that I have shared with you guys!

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