don’t forget to remember.

Its that time of year.  Homecoming week for High Schools.  My alma mater will be celebrating homecoming at the beginning of November.  And it seems this is a good time of year for churches to have homecoming too.  My parents went to a homecoming last weekend at the church where I grew up.  In talking with my mom about who was there, and the stories they shared, I found myself taking a little extra time walking down memory lane.  I have such vivid memories of my home church.  I can remember so clearly where I first came to faith in Jesus.  I remember certain people who sang specific songs.  I remember some funny moments like when the Children’s director stood up to direct the children’s choir and she had a big red bow stuck to her back side.   I remember Christmas plays, and Easter dramas, and the first time I attempted to be baptized in the river down from our church, but chickened out and waited a couple of years to try it again.

Sometimes it is so easy for us to forget where we came from.  Some people try so hard to, while others refuse to move from the past into the here and now.  Still, I think its important for us to remember; remember people, places, events, good times, and yeah even bad ones.  Those memories remind us of how far we’ve come, more importantly how God has kept us.

If you could pull a group of people back together from your past who would you invite to your homecoming.  What memories would you laugh about, what memories would you cry through?


1 Response to “don’t forget to remember.”

  1. October 19, 2008 at 12:19 am

    I would probably pull some of the old pastors from my church in Orlando… the senior pastor and minister of education definitely. Others who are also no longer with us… friends, kids I watched… but really. Going back to relive the past isn’t all it’s cracked up to be- although memory lane is a fun place to peruse.

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