I have to be honest and tell you that I’ve always felt like Willow Creek Community Church was sort of like a Christian version of Burger King, a church that made faith a “have it your way” experience, that you could drive through, and go about your happy life.

But in the last week I’ve started reading a study that I have to say is one of the most revealing and convicting pieces of print they’ve made available.  The study is actually called Reveal, and it was a three year process of examining how they, as well as six other churches in the U.S., were facilitating spiritual growth in their churches.

When they began the study they expected to find three basic things, but discovered something quite different:

What they thought: People who are more involved in church activities will experience more spiritual growth.

What they discovered: A person’s spiritual growth is not defined, and not necessarily affected by church involvement.  Instead, its defined by a person’s relationship with Christ.

What they thought: Casual spiritual conversation was the most effective evangelism tool.

What they discovered: Motivated Christ Centered people are the best evangelists.

What they thought: Spiritual friendships are a critical factor in aiding spiritual growth.

What they discovered: Organized efforts to create environments for spiritual friendships to develop, i.e. casual small groups, seem to only be effective in the earliest stages of spiritual growth.

As you read their findings, I would love to know if you can indentify with any of these findings.  What have you found most effective in helping you grow spiritually?


3 Responses to “reveal.”

  1. 1 Kimberly
    October 9, 2008 at 6:18 am

    At one time I was involved in childrens ministry, choir, nursery, and helped with teaching Sunday School and I felt close to God but eventually I felt like I was doing so much in the church for other people that I didnt feel I was getting all that I needed from God for myself. I realized that sometimes you just have to step back and let go of some of your responsibilities in church and just go for yourself sometimes. When going to church just to worship I found myself closer to God than I have ever been before.I hope that doesnt sound too selfish but it true

  2. October 9, 2008 at 10:21 am

    No it doesn’t make you sound selfish at all. I think that’s the reality of what I’ve been learning. Going, serving, doing, giving, are all good things, they are spiritual things. But it becomes so easy for us to allow what we do, to be the source of our spiritual growth. This study finds endorses the fact that it shouldn’t be this way.

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