Mack & Mo/Jo – Kenzie Goes to Camp on Vimeo

So our big girl left for camp today(Monday). She was so pumped about getting to go, she was downright giddy. While we were frantically trying to get her ready last night I thought I would turn the camera on and catch some of the festivities. I’ve been inspired by the Master of Videography, to learn a little about video editing and that kind of stuff so I decided to doctor this little project up with some fun little extras. (Its by no means “quality” and the Master of Videography will probably laugh at my lack of skill, but it’s my first attempt and it was fun none the less) Its 11 minutes long, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows how long winded I am. But if you gotta few minutes and you wanna watch Maddie’s new favorite sit-com, “The Mack & Mo/Jo Show” knock yourself out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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