Spiritual Fat

So I was at the gym this a.m. and decided I would report to the scales, since I haven’t in a couple of weeks.  Bad idea.  Pretty disappointed with what I saw.  But what should I expect from a week of Birthday cake, Regular Cokes, Sweet Tea, Cookies, Ribs, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and who knows what other kind of junk I’ve put in my body since I was last on the scales.

The phyiscal reality only brought to the surface something I’ve been feeling for sometime.  I feel spiritually fat.  I struggle to find a way to describe what I mean  when I say that, so I hope you can understand it somehow.  Spiritual Fat comes from habitual Christianity.  Going to church, doing ministry, using all the right cliches, raising your hands at the expected times, saying “amen” after every prayer, “God Bless You” to the right people, “I’ll pray for you” to others, and hoping that I’ll remember to really pray for them.

It comes from not going to the closet,  from listening to others voices more than you listen to God’s.  It doesn’t take much to get spiritually fat.

So . . . . what am I going to do about it?  I remember feeling this way several years ago.  I did something about it, something that was really extreme, something that I hoped I would never ever have to do again.  But now I’m wondering.  Is it time?  Is it necessary for me to do it again?  One side of me says, “Dear God Please No!!!!!” Another side says, “Whatever it takes God, I’ll do it.”

Ever felt that way?  What did you do about it?


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