"So I Had a Bad Day”

Yes today was one of those days that Daniel Powter sings about. This was my weekend to “host” the services, which means, I close the time of worship before we go into the sermon, and then I come back up to actually close the service. Typically things go well, and if there are goof ups they are minor ones that can be corrected, and the next service goes better. Today? Not so much.

1st Service: I’m closing worship and I’m telling people to look at their “info sheet” and instead of saying “sheet” I use another vowel in place of the “ee.” Yeah you know what I said. My only afterthought: “get off stage as fast as you can.” I have no clue what I said after that.

2nd Service: I go up to close worship and my mic isn’t working. So I flip it off, no wait its on, no is it off, oh man I don’t know if its on or off, the mic pac is clipped onto my belt so I can’t turn around right there and see if the light is on. I’m freaking out inside. I grab another mic, and its not on. so I’m looking to find the on button then suddenly there’s power and I can continue. I’m trying to recover an intimate moment of worship, a special season of thinking about the blood of Jesus, and it ain’t happening. But it gets better. I go up to close service, another somber moment, people are contemplating making life decisions to follow Christ, and just before I go up I look to see if my mic is on and there’s a green light which says “Yippee, I’ve got power!” Um no. . . I go up to make that transition and I’m powerless. Once again I have to grab a mic off a stand and maintain a coherent train of though. Turns out my mic wasn’t properly plugged in. My mistake.

3rd Service: By this time I’m so gun-shy I don’t know what I’m saying. All I know is I wish this was Trey’s weekend to host. Still I survive with little to tell about from this service.

And some people think pastors have easy jobs. The problem is when we do have a bad day, we really have a bad day. I guess it could be worse though, see what I mean?


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