Had the opportunity to meet with a lady this week, who is just beginning her own personal spiritual journey. She comes from a Jewish background, but has a very limited understanding of any thing related to Scripture or spiritual things. She has never read the Bible, and knows virtually nothing about New Testament history, or the teachings of Jesus or the apostles. She knows nothing about the “insider” Christian lingo, or jargon. She has tons of questions, and it is so interesting to sit and listen to some of her questions, that seem so basic, so elementary, and yet to her they are so real. We met for an hour, and she asked if she could come back with some more questions next week, I said, “Keep them coming!” Here’s some of the questions she asked me. I answered as best as I could, but I would love to hear what you would have answered:

1. The New Testament starts out so light, cheery, encouraging, full of joy and hope, and then by the time she gets to the epistles of 1 Peter, she notices that it doesn’t seem so happy and encouraging. In fact, it seems as though the later section seems to talk more about suffering, and harder living. She said to me, “I don’t want to have to suffer anymore,” but near the end of the New Testament its as if the writers are saying we should suffer. Her question: “Why does the tone change? Am I supposed to suffer?”

2. What happens to Paul? One day you’re reading the letters that Paul writes, and then suddenly he’s gone. What happened to him, did he die? Was he arrested and not aloud to write any more? Did he die in jail? What happened to him?

How would you have answered her questions????


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