Faith Lesson 9 – Is it obvious?

800px-betshean_-_view_of_archeological_park_from_tel_bet_shean.jpgOne of the most amazing sites in Israel are the archeological dig of Bet Shean.  In Jesus day this city was also known  as Scythopolis, “the city of the Scythians.”  In its day the city had a lot to offer:  an arena, a theater, a university, temples, wide streets, even sewers .  This city was a Hellenized city, which meant it was a city of culture, influenced by the Greek way of thinking.  If you were going to find people who would change the world, or at the least influence their society, you would probably want to look in a place like this.

But it wasn’t in a place like this that Jesus chose his 12 talmidim or disciples.  It was in fishing villages around the Galilee, with what we could call country folk, uncultured, plain ordinary folks that would follow him and become like him and would change the world.

Among the ruins of this city, its important for us to remember some of the Faith Lessons we have already learned.

1.    We did not choose Him, He chose us – John 15:16

2.    He believes in us, that’s why He chose us – Matthew 14:22

3.    We’re part of a kingdom that is eternal and will last.

A new Faith lesson though that we should grasp is that God doesn’t always do things the way we and especially the world thinks things should be done.

After healing the crippled man by the gate at the temple, Peter and John were brought before the Sadducees to defend what they had done.

Acts 4:13  says that the rulers were amazed at the confidence and courage of Peter and John.  They spoke with the confidence of someone who would have been formally trained, someone who you would expect to come from a place of culture such as Bet Shean.  Instead, it was obvious that these men had been with Jesus.

Who is Jesus looking for?  And what kind of person do you want people to see when they see you?  As one who is wealthy, healthy, or wise.  Or do you want them to see you and to see the dust of the rabbi upon your life? Is it obvious that you have been with Jesus?


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