A day to rest

“I’m tired.” I think it has to be the most common two word sentence spoken in my average day. I say, my friends say it, my wife says it, my family says it, my co-workers say it. We’re all tired. But I think the reason why we’re all so tired, is that we don’t really know how to rest. It seems almost anti-American to stop working even just for one day and rest. What mad disease, or sick addiction do we have to constantly be working?

We were created to work and to rest. I believe in working and working hard. Giving everything I have to my days that are devoted to working, but I also believe in giving everything I have to a day of rest. I’m always so amazed by the fact that God was adimant in the Old Testament that the Jewish people should rest. If they didn’t take a day to rest, they would be breaking a law, that was punishable by capital punishment. He is serious about us resting.

I’ve worked almost everyday this week, I’ll be working tomorrow, and Sunday since they are “church” days. So today is my day of rest. It’s 11:30 and I’m closing the computer turning off the phone and I’m going to take a nap.

When is the last time you’ve taken a day to rest?


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